Ceres Community Environment Park

CERES is a not for profit educational organisation located on 4 hectares of rehabilitated landfill in East Brunswick, Melbourne.

Forum on Religion and Ecology (FORE) @ Monash

FORE @ Monash is dedicated to promoting the multidisciplinary study of religious thought, literature, ethics and practice in relation to ecology, environmental activism and sustainability.

Humanities Research Centre – Australian National University

The Humanities Research Centre was established in 1972 as a national and international centre for excellence in the Humanities and a catalyst for innovative Humanities scholarship and research within the Australian National University.

Kangaloon Group for Creative Ecologies

A  fellowship of poets, scholars, artists and activists in dialogue with the current cascade of ecological degradation and diminishment of life.

Minding Animals International

Minding Animals International (MAI) provides an avenue for the transdisciplinary field of Animal Studies to be more responsive to the protection of animals

Overland Literary Journal

Publishing features, fiction, poetry, reviews, comment, artwork and opinion pieces, Overland is committed to engaging with important literary, cultural and political issues in contemporary Australia. It has a tradition of publishing dissenting articles with a political and cultural focus.

Sydney Environment Institute

The Sydney Environment Institute (SEI) at the University of Sydney aims to address the key questions of our time: how do we understand and redesign the fundamental relationship between human communities and the natural world that supports them; and how can people and societies adapt positively to environmental change?

The Afterlives of Pastoral

Over the last twenty-five years, there has been a resurgence of interest not only in the theory and criticism of pastoral but in literature that in various ways is in dialogue with the mode.